niarasusarin (niarasusarin) wrote,

Culture shockness

First of all, my grandfather is doing well; they removed his gall bladder yesterday and he'll be fine once he's recovered.  He should be out of the hospital this weekend.  My mom went and spent yesterday and last night with them and she's coming back this afternoon.

So yesterday morning I decided I needed a quiet day to myself.  I'd been supressing the fact that I'm completely and totally overwhelmed by everything around me for several days; it got worse as the jetlag wore off.  Now the jetlag's gone but I'm just constantly stressed out.  I recognize the attitude I have from my first month in Japan.  I think I'm going to take the next week slowly, which is good because I won't have the car anyway- Mom will be going to the hospital a lot (and I will too, probably). 

I mostly stayed at home.  Dad and I drove his '61 Chevy around; I brought Durin, who had a great time sticking his nose out the window.  Then I read awhile.  I watched The Fellowship of the Ring and Dad (who had been planning on just watching the first scene or so) got sucked in.  For dinner I made pizza, which turned out surprisingly well even though the crust was yappari okashii.  Um... weird as expected.  Yes.  After dinner we went to get ice cream.  It was good to relax.

Today I've got a doctor's appointment in an hour or so and then I'm running errands this afternoon when my mom brings the car back. 
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