niarasusarin (niarasusarin) wrote,

Getting there

Yesterday was pretty good, though the whole day I had this undercurrent of stressed out discomfort because I'm still not used to being here.  In the morning I had a dentist appointment.  Driving there was kind of an adventure and luckily I had very clear directions and a map.  Even so I almost missed the parking garage and then went in, not entirely sure I was in the right place.  Luckily I was.  I got my teeth cleaned and didn't have any cavaties even though it had been two years since the last time I went.  It's been a much healthier two years.  I made it home fine after passing my turnoff because I was so happy that I didn't have cavaties.  The detour took me through River Oaks, which has gigantic rediculous mansions that were interesting to look at and jarring to my Tokyo perspective.

After lunch Laura and her sister came and picked me up and we went bowling.  We were terrible but it was really fun.  Then I hung out at Laura's for awhile before we went to get Evelyn and go to dinner.  It was my first restaurant experiment ,at Ninfa's (tasty Mexican food).  I talked to the manager about what I can't eat and ended up with a fantastic burrito.  Yum.  I felt pretty good afterwards but realized later that I was having a very minor gluten reaction.  I've decided to keep trying restaurants and see if I can hit on something that I don't react to at all.

This morning we got a call saying my grandfather was in the hospital with pain that might be his gall bladder.  We decided to go see him in the afternoon.  In the morning Mom and I went to Target, which was a bit less bizarre to me than expected.  I felt quite a bit more comfortable with Houston today, though I still feel like I'm somewhere strange.  Then we had eye doctor check-ups that went fine.  After lunch we went to visit my grandfather at the hospital and stayed a few hours.  They still don't have test results back yet so we don't know what's going on.  We came home for dinner and I watched Lost in Translation with Dad and translated the Japanese bits for him and recognized places in Tokyo.  It looked so comfortable compared to here.  Give it time I guess.  At least I'm mostly not jet-lagged now.
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