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Where the heck am I??

Posted on 2007.07.26 at 11:48


vixonazaria at 2007-07-28 01:31 (UTC) (Link)


Ok, nifty ! I hope things keep going well for you! I was going to stop by to see if you where home while we where in Houston today, but I got lost and durned around fromt he last time we where out there, and I didn't actual stop by, I think I shall come out tomorrow, around 2-ish if that is alright, if not then on Sunday around 2-ish. I think it will be just me and the kids...

And I think that will be ok, so the next time we go do something it can be out of the house, and it can be me you joe and allie.. I will work on getting a day where they are both off work, and where you are avaliable to hang out. Alright, well just call me if you can't hang out tomorrow, if not then I will assume to come up about 2-ish. ok... that is all I do believe ! See you then !
~The Vixen !
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