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January 2nd, 2008


Back at school

Posted on 2008.01.02 at 14:49
Current Location: the frozen north
Current Mood: tiredtired
I'm now back in Northfield for winter term. When I walked Durin this morning it was zero degrees, but I didn't die because I finally got a pair of really warm long underwear. Lauren knit mittens for me which also helps a lot. I used to have gloves that didn't work instead. So, armed with better winter clothes and a better attitude I might actually avoid being miserable this time.

There's lots of nice snow on the ground which is fun. Durin likes it. I should take pictures but I'm lazy.

Classes start tomorrow, though I don't have anything until Friday. I'm taking Art History which will be boring and my art comps which will be awesome. I also have Ice Skating and Badminton for PE. Should be fun. I hope we get to skate more often this year; sophomore year the ice kept melting.

I'm still not feeling great and I might have caught Sam's cold. Sigh.

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