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Back at school

Posted on 2008.01.02 at 14:49
Current Location: the frozen north
Current Mood: tiredtired
I'm now back in Northfield for winter term. When I walked Durin this morning it was zero degrees, but I didn't die because I finally got a pair of really warm long underwear. Lauren knit mittens for me which also helps a lot. I used to have gloves that didn't work instead. So, armed with better winter clothes and a better attitude I might actually avoid being miserable this time.

There's lots of nice snow on the ground which is fun. Durin likes it. I should take pictures but I'm lazy.

Classes start tomorrow, though I don't have anything until Friday. I'm taking Art History which will be boring and my art comps which will be awesome. I also have Ice Skating and Badminton for PE. Should be fun. I hope we get to skate more often this year; sophomore year the ice kept melting.

I'm still not feeling great and I might have caught Sam's cold. Sigh.



Posted on 2007.12.07 at 16:33
Current Mood: contentcontent
It turns out I've been having a gluten reaction that was getting worse and worse since I got home. There was some rice milk I was using to bake things and the ingrediants were fine, with the gluten only declared in tiny print under the manufacturer's address on the back. Even after I figured out I was reacting I was still eating my baked goods as safe food because I had made them myself. If the book I've been reading about the GF diet hadn't had a passing note about that particular brand of rice milk I would be getting even worse right now.

But fortunately it did, so I'm getting there slowly. I'm just glad to be on the right track now and I've learned my lesson about the fine print.

Since I've been feeling bad I haven't done much of anything in the last week. Next week I'm going to Washington, DC with Laura from Wednesday to Sunday. My next task will be to figure out how I'm feeding myself. Should be a fun trip.


Another term over??

Posted on 2007.11.19 at 13:27
Current Location: Northfield for another night
Current Mood: calmcalm
As you might have noticed I dropped off the face of the internet for awhile. Awhile meaning a couple of months or so. But now fall term is suddenly over, and I feel like I at least owe you all a summary.

I spent a lot of the term having issues with my Japanese comps project. I wasn't very interested in it and had trouble getting started. When I re-examined the situation trying to figure out what happened I realized a couple of important things. 1)I hate research, 2)I had mistaken my desire to study abroad in Japan for an interest in majoring in Japanese and 3)If I did spend the rest of the year on a Japanese project I was likely to go crazy and have a miserable year. So I dropped the Japanese major and am now just a Studio Art major (and much much happier for it). I still qualify for the Advanced Certificate in the Japanese Language, which I will make sure I arrange for next term.

Aside from that I had two art classes, painting and ceramics, which went pretty well. That was really fun. I made some pretty neat stuff.

I also worked as an office assistant for the Asian Languages and Literatures department, which involved a lot of sitting around or redecorating bulletin boards. I'm doing it again next term. It's not terribly exciting but that's okay. I'm not working a lot of hours this year anyway.

Durin's doing fine. He went home with one of my housemates for break so that he doesn't have to get on an airplane again. He's gotten a lot older-looking over the course of the term. I did end up getting him neutered.

I'm going home tomorrow for winter break, which will be nice. I'm in desperate need of a break anyway. I'm looking forward to thawing a little while I have a chance; it's been in the 30s here for a couple of days.

Maybe I'll get back into the habit of writing. We'll see.


Still alive sort of

Posted on 2007.09.18 at 20:57
Current Location: my room
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Things are slowly beginning to sort themselves out. Yay! I now have a Japanese comps project, which is good, and I'm even pretty sure I have an art comps for next term worked out. For Japanese I'm researching writing reform and trying to figure out if Japanese is too ambiguous to have a completely phonetic writing system or not (in other words, without Chinese characters complicating things). This has the advantage of being an interesting topic and the disadvantage of meaning I have to read mounds of frustratingly boring books in both Japanese and English. It should be doable though, because it's mostly compiling information and then laying it out in a paper, which is something I'm pretty good at. For studio art comps I'm going to make pieces inspired by my narcolepsy dreams because I can't explain my dreams in words and I think I'll be able to get it across a lot more effectively in art. I'm probably doing ceramics, painting, drawing or some combination of them. I'm really excited about it and planning things already. I'm going to focus on Japanese comps this term while planning art comps on the side, then next term I'll focus on art and finish up my Japanese paper. In theory anyway.

Aside from that I'm still screwing around trying to get Durin neutered. It looks like I have a place to go but reaching them to set it up has been frustratingly complicated. I think it'll finally be set up tomorrow. I want to take him next week and drop him off Wednesday night (he has to stay the night before the surgery) and pick him up on Thursday afterwards. Hopefully we can get an appointment for him so that I can stop worrying about it.

Also tomorrow I'm going to start working as an office assistant for the Asian Languages and Literatures department. I was supposed to start today even though my supervisor was going to be gone, but no one was there and I left a note and went home. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. I'll be doing 10-11 every morning during the week. I like how consistent my daily schedule is this term.

And finally, I've decided I'm going to admit to myself that I have serious issues with milk and that I really need to stop eating milk products constantly. I really don't think the lactaid is enough. I felt great in Japan and came home and started feeling lousy, and I'm pretty sure that was the difference. So I'm limiting cheese, ice cream and chocolate severely and cutting everything else out. I'm glad my butter was already non-dairy. I'm going to try non-dairy cheeses and hope that I like them. Why do I have to hate soy milk so much?

On a side-note, American rice is so weird and dry and nasty compared to Japanese rice. And the avocados in Japan are better. And they should have wasabi paste at the grocery store because I say so.



Posted on 2007.09.15 at 09:55
Current Location: my room (in Northfield!)
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: the fish tank
How has it only been a week? I feel like I never left Carleton to begin with. Though I have encountered lots of little random changes around campus, like changed landscaping, new ID cards, slightly changed policies and new organizations. The weirdest thing to me is that I've never seen two out of the four classes of students before, so I only vaguely recognize half the people.

It's already cold, earlier than usual. It's not too bad yet. Northfield is even more amazingly gorgeous with my ability to see perspective now. The first time I walked past the chapel I was staring so hard that I started to worry about veering off the sidewalk. I swear Northfield is like a collection of postcards in every season. The leaves are starting to turn, which is cool.

I'm still pretty stressed out about things, but I've still managed to accomplish a ton of stuff. I now have a Japanese comps project and will start that seriously on Monday. I'm starting my job as office assistant for the Asian Languages department next week after I sort out some paperwork, which is good. My classes look good. It's so great to be doing clay again; it makes me so incredibly happy. Painting is frustrating so far because I don't know how to do it right yet, but I'm hoping I'll get better at it soon. I really want to do part of my art comps next term in painting so I hope I can get it to work.

In dog news, poor Durin hurt his front left leg last night. I was chasing him around the living room (he gets to be in there during the day now so that he has more space) when he suddenly stopped and looked unhappy and couldn't stand on it. I think he pulled or twisted something, like that time he fell in Tokyo. He's a little better this morning; he can stand on it now and limp around. Poor baby.

Before that he's been doing great and getting lots of walks by me and Maraia (one of my roommates this year). I'm getting him neutered next week at the Humane Society, so that will be good. It's been needing to happen.

-insert concluding paragraph here-


Stuff and stuff

Posted on 2007.09.09 at 21:44
Current Location: Carleton!
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: fish tank drippy noise
I'm now back at Carleton, starting classes tomorrow. I'm waaay overwhelmed and busy taking care of tons of little details (like getting a new ID- they changed the system last year and everyone got new ones) and big details (like figuring out what the heck is going on with my comps projects) and generally freaking out and being excited about getting back to Carleton after so long. My room is now organized and decorated (complete with Tokyo subway and bus maps) and I figure the blank walls will soon be covered anyway since I'm taking painting this term. I'm using Sam's computer until we find the right key and make it where I can access the wireless. Durin's settling in nicely, a bit less weirded out today, and has lots of admirers. I keep running into all the people I missed and I'm so happy to be back with my roommates again. In other words, everything is pretty much happening at once.

So apparently I still have a campus mailbox, so it's easier if things get mailed to there. It's-

Susan Badgwell
300 North College St
Northfield, MN 55057

My name has to be right so that I actually get it, for certain people who like to put various silly nicknames on things (*cough* Laura).

I'll probably feel like going on about my classes and maybe even other stuff this week, so maybe this will even get used for something. Yay.



Posted on 2007.09.03 at 16:21
Current Mood: excitedexcited
I'm back from a visit to Dallas area relatives, which was great, just in time to leave for Sam's tomorrow afternoon.  Then it's on to school this weekend.  Wow.  I haven't been there in ages. 

Hauling the dog around should be interesting as usual.   Yay for portable dogs though.

I should write longer entries.  >.>  Lazy.


The beach

Posted on 2007.08.26 at 18:30
Current Mood: confusedworn out
Going to Galveston was on my list of stuff to do before heading off to Minnesota, so Mom and I drove down there this morning.  We ate lunch and then I wandered the beach picking up driftwood and getting soaked while Mom worked on finishing Deathly Hallows.  I love the ocean so much.  I walked some and sat in the surf some and felt very alive.  It was really hot but I escaped sunburns with the help of massive quantities of sunscreen.  The ocean makes me happy.

Then we came home and I lay around a lot, tired from the sunshine.  And I watched some anime again and remembered vocab words and my brain is in Japanese mode again.  So far I've held onto it.  Yay!

Durin's still exhausted from yesterday, when we went to visit people.  He came out right away and was just fine and had a blast even though they were people he'd never met before in a place he'd never been.  Go Durin!  I think he should come with me to Alvin on Wednesday.

I have lots to do...


Highway master. Muahahaha

Posted on 2007.08.24 at 17:31
Current Location: my room
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Durin gnawing on stuff
Lately I've been driving places on the highway by myself.  I went to Alvin on Tuesday and Baybrook Mall today.  TAKE THAT, HIGHWAY.  I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU NOW!!  Well, maybe only a tiny bit.  >.> Tomorrow I might go to Galveston.  I hope so.  I need to see my ocean again before I leave for the land of no ocean but some lakes.

And I remembered to put my traffic safety charm in my car.  It's so pretty.  Yay.

In other news, I'm going to Wisconsin (via Chicago) to spend a few days at Sam's before going back to school.  I'm so incredibly excited that something NEEDS TO BE IN ALL CAPS.  I'm leaving on the 4th, after spending Labor Day weekend with Dallas relatives.  Next week will be lots of packing and I also have to get a health certificate for Durin so he can fly too.  Yay for start of term!


Scrapbook madness

Posted on 2007.08.19 at 10:29
Current Location: the den
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Durin barking

I just spent ages copy/pasting this journal so I can print it out.  o.O  Which took awhile but was an interesting way to skim everything.  Anyway, I'm putting this journal in some sort of binder or book and then decorating it with my train tickets and similar stuff, and then somehow attaching cds with my pictures on them.  I think it'll be cool and better than trying to make something involving my pictures because that kind of thing tends to never get actually finished.  

In case you're wondering, the resulting document is 257 pages long.  Wow.

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